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An Introduction to USGS Topo Maps

FR432/FOR363 by Hartwig H. Hochmair and Adam R. BenjaminJanuary 26th, 2021

FRAGSTATS: A Free Tool for Quantifying and Evaluating Spatial Patterns

FR431/FOR362 by Benxin Chen and Basil V. Iannone IIIAugust 25th, 2021Human activities such as urbanization and agriculture have triggered rapid land cover change, resulting in the loss of natural ecosystems and the ecosystem services and biodiversity that these ecosystems provide. Therefore, understanding land cover change and its environmental impacts is a key issue in future land-use planning. The first step for planning is the ability to quantify patterns of land cover objectively.

Spatial Measurements on USGS Topo Maps

FR433/FOR364 by Hartwig H. Hochmair and Adam R. BenjaminFebruary 16th, 2021

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