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Geomatics is commonly defined as a discipline aimed at managing geographic data by means of the science and technology used to acquire, store, process, display and distribute them. [AGROVOC]

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Remote Sensing

The practice of obtaining information about the Earth's surface land and water features from images acquired at a distant vantage point. Includes aerial photography, satellite imaging and radar sensing methods.


An Introduction to USGS Topo Maps

FR432/FOR363 by Hartwig H. Hochmair and Adam R. BenjaminMay 23, 2024A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet. Published by ==Natural Resources==

FRAGSTATS: A Free Tool for Quantifying and Evaluating Spatial Patterns

FR431/FOR362 by Benxin Chen and Basil V. Iannone IIIAugust 25, 2021Human activities such as urbanization and agriculture have triggered rapid land cover change, resulting in the loss of natural ecosystems and the ecosystem services and biodiversity that these ecosystems provide. Therefore, understanding land cover change and its environmental impacts is a key issue in future land-use planning. The first step for planning is the ability to quantify patterns of land cover objectively.

Spatial Measurements on USGS Topo Maps

FR433/FOR364 by Hartwig H. Hochmair and Adam R. BenjaminMay 23, 2024A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet. Published by ==Natural Resources==

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Downtown Fort Pierce Waterfront Birding Bioblitz

Ken GioeliMay 6th, 2024The UF/IFAS Extension St. Lucie County, in conjunction with St. Lucie County Audubon and the St. Lucie County Library System, are encouraging visitors to the downtown Fort Pierce Waterfront to participate in the “Downtown Fort Pierce Waterfront Birding Bioblitz.”  This bioblitz will be conducted continuously throughout 2024. Visitors and residents in the downtown area can […]

Big Data Analytics

BLOGS.IFASJanuary 1st, 2024The Geomatics lab analyses a wide range of big data sources, including social media, online reviews, citizen science platforms, news channels, online searches, crowdsourced drone and street imagery, and collaborative mapping platforms to explore and model human activity patterns (e.g., visitation of and activities in State parks), travel behavior (e.g., in response to natural disasters) […]

From rise to rule, a UF/IFAS team records the spread of Asian subterranean termites through Florida’s southernmost point

Lourdes MederosSeptember 18th, 2023A University of Florida study published in Biological Invasions provides a one-of-a-kind evolutionary map and timeline that reconstructs the historical spread of the Asian subterranean termite over 22 years on Key West. “Although many islands have been invaded by exotic termites worldwide, this was a unique situation, unprecedented from the onset, to follow the establishment of an […]

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