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Livestock Vaccines: Principles, Types, and Important Factors to Consider

VM258/VM258by Juan M. Campos Krauer and João H. J. BittarFebruary 16, 2024This publication presents information on the basic mechanisms and types of livestock vaccines available, as well as a few best practices for vaccine management. This information can help improve your herd health and success in your next herd vaccination. Written by Juan M. Campos Krauer and João H. J. Bittar, and published by the Veterinary Medicine—Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, UF/IFAS Extension, January 2024.

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On the Prowl for Poisonous Pasture Weeds

Cassidy DossinMay 17th, 2024When North Florida really starts to warm up, I often get numerous calls concerning unknown weeds, identifying foreign plants, and lots of, “Is this poisonous?” questions. In fact, there is not a season that goes by that I don’t add an entirely new plant species or two to my education. Lots of Florida plants, native […]

Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu and its potential impact on Florida Livestock

Jonael BosquesMay 3rd, 2024The production of food and fiber is an extremely risky endeavor. Farmers and ranchers are at the mercy of the elements. Mark Twain said it best: “Farming is simply gambling with dirt”. Taking calculated risks and preventive measures can significantly impact what we do when feeding the world. Today we will be discussing an emerging […]

Save the Date: Join us Feb. 01, 2025, for “Danger Day”

Rod GrederMay 1st, 2024Recent tragedies have rocked our community with youth being fatally injured outdoors. It is my highest priority to keep youth and adults safe when enjoying our outdoors and working on farms and ranches. On Feb. 03, 2024, we held our 2nd Annual Youth Outdoor and Farm Safety Day. Thirty-two youth went through 10 stations and […]

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