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A year after Ian, Southwest Florida recovering with help of UF/IFAS Extension

Brad BuckSeptember 20th, 2023In the year since Hurricane Ian unleashed its fury on Southwest Florida, UF/IFAS Extension agents have helped communities in their long road to recovery. Left in the path of the hurricane’s 150 mph winds and flooding rain: damaged crops, eroded beaches, downed trees and power lines, property marred or made unlivable and more. In the […]

The Power of Livestock Judging

erinejonesSeptember 19th, 2023Being involved in 4-H allows various opportunities for youth to be engaged, it allows them the opportunity to explore careers, express ideas, and allows them to develop life skills. Through the involvement in 4-H, members are able serve on the Livestock Judging Team. As a Livestock Agent this is by far one of my favorite […]

Torpedograss Toxicity in Horses: What’s the Truth?

Cassidy DossinSeptember 8th, 2023Horse owners have the utmost concern for their animals, and one of their top concerns is toxic plants. Florida’s tropical climate supports a variety of non-native, often tropical species that can cause toxicity issues for livestock. Producers are constantly on the lookout for new plants popping up in the pasture that could pose a risk, […]

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