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Ways to water: Drip Irrigation

Julia SirchiaJune 11th, 2024What is Drip Irrigation? Instead of showering plants with water from above like sprinklers, drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation. This type of irrigation consists of a network of tubes, called drip lines or emitters, that release water gently at the base of each plant. The Benefits of Drip Irrigation Cool, right? The good […]

Online Resource for Water Conservation

Maggie GaughanDecember 6th, 2022Splash into new online irrigation and landscape resources with the UF/IFAS Manatee County Extension’s Mobile Irrigation Lab site! This site is intended to serve as a resource hub for landscape, irrigation and water conservation information. The Mobile Irrigation Lab site also provides access to free online courses that anyone can take but, they are a […]

Easy drip irrigation system repairs

Jackie LebouitzMay 25th, 2022Drip, or micro-irrigation, is a great choice for landscape beds. It is up to 50% more water-efficient than a traditional sprinkler system, and it provides water directly to the plant instead of applying spray in a “one size fits all” pattern. These systems are very customizable, and it is easy to fix or modify a […]

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