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Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs)

carriestevensonDecember 7th, 2023Back in the day when thousands of shrimp boats trawled the Gulf, Atlantic, and bays along the coast, fishing was a bit of a free-for-all. Shrimp populations were abundant, but catching unintended species (bycatch) was a fact of life. Up to the mid-20th century, non-target species caught in the nets were simply collateral damage. Most […]

Quantifying the Value of Benefits derived from Agricultural Lands

Brad BuckDecember 7th, 2023Hundreds of species of wildlife live on private, agricultural land. As a result, farmers and ranchers are environmental stewards, as maintaining their land to support agriculture also plays a key role in providing wildlife ecosystems in addition to feeding Florida and the world.   Many producers implement best management practices on their farms, which helps keep […]

Florida Land Steward Update, December 1, 2023

Chris DemersDecember 1st, 20232024 FLORIDA LAND STEWARD WALL CALENDARS ARE HERE! It’s that time of year! Request your copy of the 2024 Florida Land Steward wall calendar. An annual land stewardship tradition, the Florida Land Steward calendar features beautiful photography, our Florida Land Steward Landowner of the Year, habitat management tips, partnership opportunities, resource contacts, and more. These […]

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