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Florida’s blueberry season means yummy fruit, courtesy of UF/IFAS and growers

Brad BuckMarch 27th, 2024Ready to pick your own blueberries or buy them at the grocery store? Florida’s blueberry season is here, so you’ll likely find a University of Florida variety near you. When you go to the supermarket, you won’t find blueberries labeled as UF/IFAS varieties. But several types of the fruit come in the same packages, so […]

Prolific blueberry scientist named Horticulture Crop Breeding Endowed Chair

Brad BuckJanuary 3rd, 2024A veteran blueberry researcher has been named the University of Florida’s Horticulture Crop Breeding Endowed Chair, recognizing the royalties generated by the fruit varieties he’s developed for global farming and consumption. Patricio Muñoz, a UF/IFAS associate professor of horticultural sciences, was recently awarded the professorship by J. Scott Angle, UF interim provost and senior vice […]

New genetic finding could pave way for fall blueberries in Florida

Brad BuckNovember 28th, 2023Fall is not normally when you find Florida-grown blueberries at the grocery store. But that may change, thanks to University of Florida researchers. This comes as good news for consumers and growers, who would be able to expand their market window by several months. In the Sunshine State, the fruit normally grows and is harvested […]

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