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Florida's Fabulous Forests

Martha C. Monroe and Alison W. Bowers

The Forestry Florida's Fabulous Forests Project Book (4HFOM13) is the third 4-H Project Book in the Forest Resources series and for youth ages 12-18. It includes 17 engaging activities (each with reflective questions) and 47 ideas for additional projects and challenges. Youth explore 10 different kinds of forests in Florida: 8 natural ecosystems, the urban forest, and pine plantations. The activities also lead youth through an understanding of forest management, forest systems (wildlife, water, and soil), and forest management issues: wildfire and prescribed fire, forest insect and diseases, and invasive exotic plants.

Youth who enjoy identifying forest plants may wish to compete in the annual 4-H Forest Ecology Contest. See for additional information.

Visit the 4-H Youth Development Curriculum Website for more information on related project materials.

This (pdf file only - 2.82mb) enables you to print a black/white version of the 65-page booklet.

Publication #4H FOM13

Release Date:October 2, 2017

Reviewed At:August 24, 2021

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Monroe, Martha C.


University of Florida

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This document is 4H FOM13, one of a series of the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date August 2001. Revised July 2002. Visit the EDIS website at for the currently supported version of this publication.

About the Authors

Martha C. Monroe, assistant professor; and Alison W. Bowers, graduate student, School of Forest Resources and Conservation; UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611.


  • Martha Monroe
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