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Heart of 4-H: Cultivating Gratitude in Youth

ambernorrisMay 9th, 2024Gift giving occasions can teach youth the benefits of gratitude. These adults may be someone the youth may want to thank.  Many times, around holidays and special occasions we buy gifts for others to show our gratitude.  You may ask yourself, “how can youth give gifts to show their appreciation if they do not have […]

Gator alumni-led company recognized for decade of compassionate growth

Megan WinslowApril 22nd, 2024Every year for the past 10 years, the University of Florida’s Gator100 program has honored the fastest-growing businesses in the world owned or led by UF alumni. In the decade since the program’s inception, only one business has managed to appear on the list every year: Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. UF College of Veterinary […]

It’s Lubber Grasshopper Season!

Tia SilvasyApril 1st, 2024Eastern lubber grasshoppers are very interesting because in the early part of their lifecycle when they are nymphs, their colors are black with a red or yellow stripe, whereas adults are yellow with patterns of red and black. They can do significant damage to citrus, vegetable crops, and landscape plants, feeding on the tips or […]

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