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Petiole Sap Testing as a Best Management Practice in the Suwannee Valley

Sydney WilliamsApril 8th, 2024UF/IFAS Extension agents are always looking for ways to help their growers be as environmentally and economically sustainable as possible. We achieve this goal by applying Best Management Practices (BMP) and supporting technologies as they become available. The purchase of BMP demonstration tools, including petiole sap testing meters for nitrate-nitrogen and potassium (LAQUA Meters), allowed […]

Corn nutrient management study wins graduate student a research award

Mike LoizzoMarch 27th, 2024Corn growers know the importance of proper nutrient management for productive crop development. That includes using the right fertilizer in the right amount, place, and time, along with appropriate water management. Doing this should have minimal impact on the environment, while striving for high yields. A UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences (SWES) […]

World Water Day: Protecting Our Water Resources

Tom ObrezaMarch 21st, 2024Floridians have easy access to water: the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, a spring, a river, or a lake. Many of us are a short distance from a natural body of water or waterway. Being “on the water” is a way of life or a way to make a living for a lot of […]

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