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Animal Breeding

Agriculture relating to the care and breeding of domestic animals such as cattle, hogs, sheep, and horses.

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Phenotypic and Genetic Relationships Underlying the Thermotolerance-production Complex in Beef Cattle

Jessica CzipulisNovember 25th, 2022By Raluca Mateescu, Professor INTRODUCTION In tropical and subtropical regions where more than half of the world cattle are maintained, climatic stress is a major limiting factor of production efficiency. This stress is expected to increase due to predicted changes in climate. Beef cattle when exposed to environmental high temperature and humidity, exhibit significant declines […]

Hair Coat Characteristics and Thermotolerance in Florida Beef Cattle

Jessica CzipulisOctober 28th, 2022By Dr. Raluca Mateescu, Professor Importance of heat stress Heat stress is a major cause of economic loss for beef cattle producers in tropical and subtropical environments, including Florida. Bos indicus genetics are commonly introduced into beef cattle herds in these areas, as they are better adapted to hot and humid conditions. This practice has […]

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