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Researchers examine potential benefits for soil health and nutrient availability in forage production

Mike LoizzoNovember 14th, 2023Forage production in intensively managed grasslands often requires continuous use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers. This can be harmful to the environment. Scientists in the UF/IFAS Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences (SWES) studied a sustainable solution to improve the cycling of nitrogen in the soil through microbial activities. This involved adding rhizoma perennial peanut […]

Striking Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly in Florida Relies on Sound Pasture Management Decisions

Jonael BosquesMay 2nd, 2023Pollinators are of extreme importance to our Florida Flatwoods ecosystem. They are responsible for transferring genes of plants from one flower to another increasing fruit set in wild and domesticated species. By doing so, these organisms help plants adapt to changes in the environment, combat diseases, and increase hardiness in a natural way. Butterflies are one […]

Bahia Grass Yellowing

Grantly RickettsJune 29th, 2020Recently, there is an increase in the number of calls to our UF/IFAS Extension office. The clients are concerns about the yellowing of their Bahiagrass. Bahia is known to be one of the hardiest turfgrasses available to us in Central Florida. Bahia can bounce back quickly when affected by insects, pests and extreme drought conditions. […]

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