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Banking and Saving


Money and Marriage: Saving for Future Use

HE158/FCS7014 by Contact Author: Michael S. GutterMarch 29th, 2018

Strategies to Fund Your Child's College Education: Using Savings and Tax-Advantaged Vehicles

FY1484/FCS3353 by Jessica McCumber, Jorge Ruiz-Menjivar, Martie Gillen, and Sarah M. EllisJuly 1st, 2019

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Find Your Frugal: Five ways to save on banking, avoid fees

Lourdes MederosJuly 7th, 2022About this series Rising costs have brought on rising concerns. The ripple effects of the years-long COVID pandemic continue to surface in economies worldwide, from grocery shelves to gas pumps. In an ongoing effort to help people – from producers to consumers – weather the storm, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural […]

Game Changers for the Florida Consumer

Carol RobertsMarch 25th, 2022You might not think it, but March has been a great month for consumers, especially in Florida. Yes, fuel prices are up and inflation is high. There have been a few new developments on the state and national level. These developments are game changers for the Florida consumer so let’s explore what’s new. Financial Education […]

10 tips to save money at home

Jackie LebouitzFebruary 21st, 2022by Alia Garrett, Siri Khalsa, Jackie Lebouitz, and Maria Rometo Now more than ever, every penny counts. Read our tips below to see some easy ways to save money and resources at home. Tips Turn off your lights, fans, and electronics when leaving the room. It adds up. Sealing leaks and gaps throughout your home […]

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