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Downy Mildew of Basil in South Florida

PP271/PP271 by Shouan Zhang, Jaimin S. Patel, Zelalem Mersha, Pamela D. Roberts, and Richard RaidNovember 21, 2019

Florida Plant Disease Management Guide: Sweet Basil

PP113/PP-113 by Shouan Zhang, Geoffrey Meru, and Pamela D. RobertsDecember 6, 2021A UF/IFAS numbered Management.

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Spice Up Your Life: A Beginners Guide to Growing Basil

Julia SirchiaMarch 8th, 2024Are you a fan of fresh aromatic herbs in your dishes? If so, growing herbs right at home might just become your new favorite hobby. In this guide, we’ll explore how to grow basil from the comfort of your own home, including some commonly grown varieties that do well in Central Florida. We’ll also highlight […]

Herb Stories: Basil in Winter

Wayne HobbsFebruary 11th, 2022In my January herb blog, I wrote about my pineapple sage which was putting on quite a show. The recent frost didn’t bother her in the least and she’s still going strong. In the raised bed to the left of her, I planted four types of basil last summer: Genovese, Thai, African blue, and holy […]

Summer Vegetable Gardening

Leslie Nicole MunroeJuly 24th, 2020As if we needed another reason to call Florida ‘Special’, what with our state hanging out into the water and located south of the rest of the nation. Here in Central Florida, we even seem to do our gardening backwards. We can grow edibles all year round, especially when the rest of the nation is […]

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