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The Evening Bats of the Florida Panhandle

Rick O'ConnorMay 18th, 2023My wife and I like to sit on our back porch and watch the sunset each day.  We do not make all of them, but we try to make as many as we can.  We often see small bats darting in all directions feeding on bugs.  Recently we were enjoying a particularly great sunset.  The […]

Cheers to moms, including the wild ones

Lourdes MederosMay 10th, 2023No two moms’ parenting methods are alike, and the same can be said about motherhood in the animal kingdom. To share some fun facts about animal moms frequently spotted in Florida, we went to University of Florida experts. Burrowing owls are dedicated mothers As we celebrate Mother’s Day, the hardworking burrowing owl mothers deserve recognition, […]

Tips from the help desk…Bats in your belfry, October 2022

David AustinNovember 26th, 2022Tips from the Help Desk… Bats in your belfry by David Austin Residential Horticulture Agent and Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator Bats are known for their scary Halloween personas. That is if bats can have personas. Nevertheless, they have been tied to vampires and other scary things. Of course, the vampire bat hasn’t helped things, seemingly scary […]

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