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Consumer Behavior

The predicted or observable activity or manner in which people make decisions regarding the procurement of goods or services; specifically, what, when, why, where, how often and from whom goods and services are bought.


Inflation in Orange Juice Prices and Consumer Responses

FE1142/FE1142by Sungeun Yoon, Marisa Zansler, and Lisa HouseFebruary 20, 2024This publication examines the recent inflation in orange juice prices and consumer responses using Nielsen scanner and orange juice tracker datasets. Orange juice prices experienced high inflation, peaking at 14.1% in January 2023, leading to decreased sales in both volume and dollars. Consumers are aware of the ongoing inflation in orange juice prices and reduced their orange juice purchases in quantity and frequency instead of discontinuing consumption altogether. Despite the significant barrier of high prices, the proportions of active orange juice consumers and those with a positive perception of orange juice remained steady and strong. Marketing efforts emphasizing the health benefits of orange juice continue to be crucial to sustaining consumer perception and demand.

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