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Bermudagrass for Florida Lawns

LH007/ENH19by Laurie E. Trenholm, Marco Schiavon, J. Bryan Unruh, and Travis W. ShaddoxMay 1, 1991Bermudagrasses are among the most widely used warm-season grasses. Improved, fine-textured bermudagrasses are used throughout the South on golf courses, athletic fields, and in high-profile residential and commercial landscapes where a fine-textured, dense ground cover is desired. This publication reviews current cultivars available in Florida and best management practices for maintaining bermudagrass lawns in Florida. Minor revision by L. Trenholm, M. Schiavon, J.B. Unruh, and T. Shaddox; 5 pp.

Biology and Management of the Bermudagrass Mite, Eriophyes cynodoniensis

IN1217/ENY-342 by Pablo Agustin Boeri, Nicole D. Benda, J. Bryan Unruh, and Adam DaleJuly 20, 2018

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