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Business Planning

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Free business-planning, tax management workshop for farmers and ranchers at UF/IFAS Extension Miami-Dade

Lourdes MederosJune 3rd, 2024Operating an agribusiness such as a farm or ranch successfully requires strong financial skills to ensure profitability and sustainability. Agribusiness managers can enhance their business operations by filing tax returns that take advantage of proper deductions and credits. Other relevant business skills include: How to set up a robust business plan with solid strategies. How […]

Planning A Tropical Fruit Grove

Jessica M. RyalsApril 13th, 2022Planning a successful tropical fruit grove takes a lot of time, resources and understanding of what your goals for production are. When done well, you are not only rewarded with good harvests but also a reduction in mistakes, better use of financial resources and the upper hand on the management of the business and maintenance […]

Question: How Do I Start a Food Business in Collier County?

Jessica M. RyalsJanuary 29th, 2018Question: I’m an entrepreneur looking to start a food product related business in Collier County. But where do I start? How can I find information on business planning, product development and regulations? And what process do I need to go through to sell my food product to restaurants or large grocery store chains? Collier County […]

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