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CEU Day 2023–Landscape University!

Hannah WootenJune 20th, 2023We would love to C.E.U. in person at CEU Day! You know you need CEUs, so come hang out with experienced Extension Agents to talk plants, palms, and pests in a comfortable and engaging environment. Plus, virtually, we cannot hear the laughter (or silence) after a bad joke. We know you have stories to tell, […]

A Few How-To’s for a Healthy Lawn

Lisa SandersonDecember 13th, 2022Healthy lawns are things that when green and healthy, we can perhaps not give it too much attention. But, with a bit of green or brown, the lawn is suddenly very important.  We want it green and full.  Does that healthy lawn affect the environment negatively? Lawns can sometimes take a bad rap.  In fact, […]

Calibrating a Backpack Sprayer; the 1/128th Rule

Kevin KorusFebruary 4th, 2022In preparation for Spring, it is a good idea to make sure your equipment is calibrated and in good working condition. This article discusses a quick and easy method for calibrating a hand-powered, backpack sprayer. Calibration is important so that you understand the amount of product that is being delivering by your sprayer. Applying too […]

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