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Food is Our Middle Name Podcast: What’s the deal with…careers in food?

Tory MooreNovember 4th, 2022This week we serve up a two-part episode. Part one, we sat down with Dean Turner and Cathy Carr, leaders in the UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to discuss the incredible range of fascinating careers in the food industry. (Spoiler alert: It does not always involve a farm…or even being outside!)  Later, we […]

The New Chomp on the Block

Hannah WootenJuly 12th, 2022Authored by Amanda Decker UF/IFAS Extension Orange County Summer Intern Graduating UF CALS December, 2022 B.S. Plant Science specialization in Plant Breeding and Genetics LinkedIn Roots Hello! I’m Amanda Decker, I am not a Florida native, but I have spent the majority of my time here and consider this wonderful place my home. I am […]

Looking for a career in public engagement with science or STEM?

Katie StoferApril 1st, 2021If you’re working on a career in public engagement with science … As my IFAS blog migrates internally, several individual pages I have will be going away, so I am re-publishing them as blog posts. I originally published this list of resources in 2019. As we have finished a full calendar year with COVID in […]

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