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World Food Day: Shellfish

jackietruongOctober 13th, 2022October 16, 2022 is World Food Day! Molluscan shellfish aquaculture is Florida’s largest food-use aquaculture industry. Shellfish provide benefits for water quality and marine environmental habitats, plus they taste great! IFAS is celebrating Food Week from October 17 to October 21st. To celebrate, we have provided a couple of resources to learn more about Florida’s […]

Clams as Restoration Tools: GSI Workshop Prioritizes Research Needs for Florida

Kristie PopaFebruary 23rd, 2021The Gulf Shellfish Institute (GSI) works with industry, research and regulatory partners throughout Florida and the Gulf region to improve and increase the production of bivalve shellfish for both ecological and economic benefit. Key to their mission is the identification of research needs that will support the growth of the shellfish aquaculture industry. They aim […]

Follow the Big Bend Shellfish Trail

Savanna BarryFebruary 8th, 2019Shellfish in Florida’s Big Bend Shellfish harvest and consumption in Florida is an important facet of the maritime heritage of many coastal towns. The Florida Big Bend has several towns that still harbor local shellfish fisheries. These working waterfront communities are places where present day fishers carry on the traditions of past generations. The […]

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