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Aquatic Ecosystems

Interaction of living organisms with the physical or chemical environment in a body of water.


Tropical trees, or deciduous conifers, or shrubs which produce many prop roots and grow in swamps, coastal saline or brackish water.


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Spinning, swirling sawfish—oh my. But why?

Ana ZangronizMarch 29th, 2024Spinning, swirling sawfish—oh my. But why? Since last fall, reports of stranded, whirling, “spinning” and even dead sawfish have been making headlines in the lower Florida Keys. These events have been observed by community members and local fishermen. 28 sawfish mortalities have been confirmed, with more than 100 affected. More than 40 species of other […]


cgoodingMarch 27th, 2024Organized and sponsored by Florida Sea Grant, the “Stem to Stern” workshop in November 2023 at the Emerald Coast Convention Center marked a significant gathering in marine conservation and management. This event drew together legal experts, representatives from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), local marine resource coordinators, law enforcement, and industry stakeholders […]

Mysterious Mangroves

Alyssa VinsonJune 14th, 2019Mangroves Mangrove trees are an important part of Florida’s diverse ecosystem and are integral to the coastal estuaries where they grow. Mangrove forests in the tropics and subtropics are identifiable by their dense tangle of prop roots that help the trees handle the rise and fall of the tides. These roots act as a net, […]

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