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Accident Prevention

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Stay Grounded This Fall: Tips for Maintaining Balance and Stability

Hillary AyersOctober 18th, 2023Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults, with most falls occurring in the home? While this all sounds like bad news, there is some good…in that falls can be prevented. Most falls tend to occur due to a combination of risk factors. Some risk factors for falling are: […]

Physical Activity and Fall Prevention

Amanda QuintosJune 12th, 2023Life can be full of wonderful experiences. Falling is not among them. There is nothing pleasant about losing a sense of control, panicking while searching for a way to stabilize oneself, then feeling all kinds of pain after landing on the ground. A flurry of worrying questions may emerge in the aftermath of a fall. […]

The holidays are coming… Part 2.

Amanda QuintosNovember 21st, 2022It’s about that time again: when gatherings abound, and traditions, expectations, stressors, memories, and new possibilities and experiences collide. Decorating one’s home can be a long-awaited (and/or dreaded) part of preparing for the winter holidays. Neighbors can engage in some friendly, showy, festive competition through their holiday displays. Nevertheless, as you become wrapped up in […]