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Floridan Aquifer


Water Availability in Southwest Georgia and Northeast Florida

FR438/FOR369by Sadie Hundemer and Martha C. MonroeOctober 19th, 2021Stretching from Mississippi to South Carolina, the Floridan Aquifer is the main source of freshwater for southwest Georgia and north Florida. It provides drinking water for approximately 10 million people, supports agriculture and tourism, and sustains the ecosystem. The aquifer’s capacity is large but limited, and meeting the area's water demands will require balancing withdrawals from the aquifer with replenishment from rainfall, a particularly difficult problem in drier times.

Water Quality in the Floridan Aquifer Region

FR440/FOR371by Natalie A. Cooper and Martha C. MonroeDecember 9th, 2021We rely on clean water to sustain human life, ecosystems, and food supply. In Florida and southwest Georgia, the Floridan Aquifer supplies much of the water we use. As populations grow and regional economies expand, the impacts of human activity on water pollution become more widespread. We must take preventative actions to minimize water pollution to maintain the quality of our water sources, and thus, our quality of life.

Water’s Journey Through Natural and Human Systems

FR445/FOR375by Gabriela Sullivan and Martha MonroeDecember 15th, 2021Residents, farmers, and businesses in southwestern Georgia and northern and central Florida depend on the groundwater from the Floridan Aquifer. The availability of this clean water is important for natural ecosystems, agriculture, the economy, tourists, and the people who call Florida and Georgia home. This fact sheet will provide an overview of the Floridan Aquifer and how water from the Floridan Aquifer cycles through natural and human systems.

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