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Additional information on viticulture and grape production in Florida can be found on the UF/IFAS Grape Extension website.

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Commercial Fresh Market, Wine, Juice, and Jelly Grape Cultivars for Florida

HS401/HS1152 by J. Breman, P. C. Andersen, M. A. Shahid, and A. SarkhoshDecember 6, 2022Illustrated fact sheet describes the characteristics needed in cultivars for successful commercial grape production in Florida. Includes references and information on cultivars recommended by IFAS for wine, juice and jelly, and fresh market, plus fresh market muscadine cultivars for planting on a trial basis, and sensory evaluation results.

Freeze-Dried Muscadine Grape: a New Product for Health-Conscious Consumers and the Food Industry

HS1468/HS1468by Ali Sarkhosh, Fariborz Habibi, and Steven A. SargentJuly 28, 2023Muscadine grape (Muscadinia rotundifolia [Michx.]) is a fruit crop native to America; it adapts well to a wide range of biotic and abiotic stresses and have thus been grown and vinified throughout the southeastern US for centuries. Currently, southeastern farmers grow approximately 5,000 acres of almost 100 improved muscadine-grape varieties for commercial use. Recent research demonstrated the fruit’s significant contribution of beneficial phytochemicals to the typical American diet; and thereafter, the demand for muscadine grapes considerably increased. Its thick peels and seeds, though, have prevented wider public consumption. This publication aims to introduce growers, Extension agents/specialists, and the general public to the potential for a new, value-added product that makes muscadine grapes much easier to eat and may diversify the food processing industry.

The Bunch Grape

MG105/HS17A by Peter C. AndersenAugust 13, 2020

The Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx)

HS100/HS763 by Peter C. Andersen, Ali Sarkhosh, Dustin Huff, and Jacque BremanNovember 2, 2020

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Grow Grapes? Wine Not? Muscadine grapes in Florida.

Wayne HobbsNovember 17th, 2023The grape of the south, the Muscadine The grape of the south is the muscadine. It is one of the few grape varieties that perform well in the hot climate of the southeastern United States. The native variety of muscadine is called ‘Scuppernong’. Here in Florida it grows well in our poor soil conditions. It […]

Grape Expectations: Growing Muscadine Grapes

Judy JeanJuly 23rd, 2023While citrus trees have long been a popular choice for home gardeners, let me introduce you to the delightful world of muscadine grapes—a refreshing alternative that may just make you reconsider your planting preferences. Muscadine grapes offer a range of advantages over citrus trees, starting with their remarkable resilience. These robust vines thrive in a […]

Preventing Pierce’s Disease in Grapes: A Biological Approach

Wendy MussolineMay 24th, 2023Pierce’s Disease in Grapes Dr. Ali Sarkhosh hosted an exciting, interactive and informative Grape Field Day in at the UF/IFAS Plant Research and Education Center in Citra on May 18, 2023.  It was filled with talks and field activities for both hobbyists and commercial grape growers.  A major focus of the day was on a […]

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