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Household and Structural Pests

Pest species that are found in households, such as roaches, fleas, bed bugs, rats, mice, etc.

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UF/IFAS entomologist lists top eight invasive species that invade households and empty wallets

Lourdes MederosFebruary 22nd, 2023The list of Florida’s invasive species goes beyond reptiles and plants. Many insects and rodents we consider household pests are also invasive species. These insects and rodents that invade households cost U.S. homeowners billions of dollars in damages and thousands of dollars a year in pest control products and services. Once invasive species establish, they […]

Once upon a millipede

Ralph MitchellAugust 23rd, 2022We receive many calls from homeowners having issues with worm-like, several inch long critters that turn out to be millipedes. Millipede populations periodically congregate as they migrate to other sites – maybe your lanai or garage. In this millipede story, there is mostly good news to report. Millipedes are not to be confused with predatory […]

Cigarette beetles in the house

Paul SchumakerFebruary 17th, 2020By Ralph E. Mitchell While I often write about plants and pests outside the house, on occasion I also like to talk about common household pests that many of you may be dealing with – both seen and unseen. One such critter to inspect for is the cigarette beetle. Named after its fondness of stored […]