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Hurricane Impacts on Florida's Agriculture and Natural Resources

AE528/AE528 by Young Gu Her, Ashley Smyth, Pamela Fletcher, Elias Bassil, Ulrich Stingl, Zachary Brym, and Jiangxiao QiuNovember 5, 2018Understanding hurricane effects is the first step to preparing for hurricanes. The effects of hurricanes can be comprehensive and long-lasting, even permanent, at the spatial scales of a single molecule to whole ecosystems. Multidisciplinary collaborations are required to improve our understanding of hurricanes. Here, we review basic facts of hurricanes and their effects in Florida and speculate on how they might affect Florida’s agriculture and natural resources. Examples and speculations provided in this article demonstrate how weather, agriculture, environment, and ecosystem are connected to each other across spatial scales ranging from microorganisms to an entire landscape.

Hurricanes and Mosquitoes

IN535/ENY719 by C. Roxanne ConnellyJuly 31, 2019

Impacts of Hurricane Damage on Southern Highbush Blueberries

HS1342/HS1342 by Douglas A. Phillips, Jeffrey G. Williamson, and Philip F. HarmonJune 15, 2023This publication discusses the types of hurricane damage that can be incurred in blueberry production operations, the impacts of these damages, preparations to make before the storm arrives, and suggestions on best management practices in the aftermath of a storm.