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Mowing Your Florida Lawn

LH028/ENH10 by L. E. Trenholm, J. B. Unruh, and J. L. CisarJuly 3, 2018

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Basics of Landscaping in Florida–Bilingual Booklet in the UF/IFAS Bookstore

Hannah WootenJune 6th, 2024Better landscaping practices are good for Florida! Even though Florida has a lot of water resources, there are also a lot of people and industries sucking from the tap…and more keep coming. Long story short, Floridians need to conserve clean water so we always have enough affordable water now and into the future. How we […]

UF/IFAS researchers review alternatives to prescribed burning

Megan WinslowMarch 19th, 2024Each year, the Florida Forest Service authorizes about 88,000 prescribed burns by landowners and public agencies on more than 2.1 million acres of land. Objectives include promoting healthy regeneration of vegetation, controlling disease among native plants and preventing wildfire. But prescribed burning is becoming an increasingly more challenging method of managing forested land for many […]

No Mow March Events from UF/IFAS Extension in NW FL

llw5479February 16th, 2023Need an excuse to not mow your lawn in March? UF/IFAS Extension agents in the Florida Panhandle are asking residents to skip their soon-to-be-weekly outdoor chore until the calendar flips to April. The idea for “No Mow March” is borrowed from “No Mow May,” a concept begun in the United Kingdom that has now spread […]

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