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Mowing Your Florida Lawn

LH028/ENH10 by L. E. Trenholm, J. B. Unruh, and J. L. CisarJuly 3rd, 2018

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No Mow March Events from UF/IFAS Extension in NW FL

llw5479February 16th, 2023Need an excuse to not mow your lawn in March? UF/IFAS Extension agents in the Florida Panhandle are asking residents to skip their soon-to-be-weekly outdoor chore until the calendar flips to April. The idea for “No Mow March” is borrowed from “No Mow May,” a concept begun in the United Kingdom that has now spread […]

UF study: Stormwater ponds do little to prevent pollution in nearby lakes and ponds

Brad BuckMarch 31st, 2022For years, scientists questioned the ability of stormwater ponds to keep nutrients out of lakes and rivers. Turns out, they were right to be suspicious, new University of Florida research shows. Stormwater ponds are built to prevent soil erosion and flooding. They’re also considered a Best Management Practice, or BMP, to reduce pollutants from flowing […]

Plant Stressors: 10 Ways You Unknowingly Stress Your Plants

BLOGS.IFASAugust 26th, 2021Plant Stressors Plants can help us overcome stress in a variety of ways, but did you realize your plant can exhibit stress symptoms as well. A stressed plant is more susceptible to insect and disease problems. Here are ten ways you may unknowingly stress your plants.   Environmental Stress AKA Wrong plant Wrong place Be […]

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