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Living with Lovebugs

IN694/ENY-840 by Norman C. LepplaDecember 11, 2018

Lovebug Plecia nearctica Hardy (Insecta: Diptera: Bibionidae)

IN204/EENY 47 by H. A. Denmark, F. W. Mead, and T. R. FasuloAugust 24, 2021The lovebug, Plecia nearctica Hardy, is a bibionid fly species that motorists may encounter as a serious nuisance when traveling in southern states. It was first described by Hardy (1940) from Galveston, Texas. At that time he reported it to be widely spread, but more common in Texas and Louisiana than other Gulf Coast states.

Lovebugs in Florida

MG068/ENY-329 by J. Weston, D. E. Short, and M. PfiesterFebruary 8, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet.

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