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Pea, Pigeon—Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.

MV108/HS641 by James M. StephensNovember 5th, 2018

Pea, Snap—Pisum sativum L. (Macrocarpon group)

MV109/HS642 by James M. StephensNovember 5th, 2018

Pea, Snow—Pisum sativum L. (Macrocarpon group)

MV110/HS643 by James M. StephensNovember 5th, 2018Snow pea is also called edible-podded pea, sugar pea (United States), shih chia wan tou, ta li wan tou (Mandarin), sic kap woon dou (Cantonese), no laan tau (Hong Kong), and saya-endo (Japanese). Varieties of edible-podded peas closely resemble the English pea in plant and growth characteristics except that the pods are flatter, broader, more tender, more fleshy, and less fibrous. Entire pods, including the immature seeds, are eaten whole. They are harvested before the seeds start to accumulate starch and are cooked like snap beans.

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