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Perennial Peanut

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Perennial Peanut as a Potential Living Mulch and Nitrogen Source for Citrus and Other Orchard Crops in Florida

HS1474/HS1474by Muhammad A. Shahid, K. Leaks, A. R. Blount, and Cheryl MackowiakNovember 2, 2023The concept of using a perennial peanut as a living mulch and source of biological nitrogen in fruit and nut crop orchards is not a new idea. In Central and South America, perennial peanuts have long been incorporated as a living groundcover into palm, coffee, cacao, plantain, and citrus, as well as into other fruit and nut production orchards. This cover crop may pose as a viable, environmentally-friendly option for production in Florida, too.

Weed Control in Perennial Peanut

WG216/SS-AGR-261by Brent Sellers and Jason FerrellApril 5, 2018

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Researchers examine potential benefits for soil health and nutrient availability in forage production

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Video: Perennial Peanut Considerations as a Lawn

Beth BollesMay 19th, 2022Turfgrass remains a popular groundcover for most home landscapes. Perennial peanut offers potential as a turfgrass companion in North Florida. Learn the pros and cons of using perennial peanut with existing turfgrass with UF IFAS Extension Escambia County.

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