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It Is Time to Turn Off the Irrigation Timers to Stop Phytophthora Root Rot

Amir RezazadehMay 19th, 2020As you know we had a great rainfall yesterday (May 18) and last week, so there is a chance the soil is saturated with water. Commercial fruit growers usually rely on irrigation system that is set to water trees couple of times a week. Homeowners who have fruit trees also have simple electric timer to […]

Managing Flooded Conditions in Citrus Groves

shfutchOctober 10th, 2017Historically, hurricanes in 2004-2005 and periodic tropical storms have caused extensive wind and flooding damage. Even before Hurricane Irma, heavy rainfall in late August created saturated soil conditions in many citrus groves in Southwest and South Central FL. From September 9-11, Hurricane Irma produced excessive rainfall over nearly all areas of the citrus industry. In […]

Organic Control of Root Rot in Blueberry

jpopenoeSeptember 15th, 2017by Juanita Popenoe, Commercial Fruit Extension Agent Root rot, caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi is a problem in blueberries in wet soils. Blueberry roots are shallow and like a lot of moisture, but when blueberry roots are too wet for too long, this disease organism can move in. Wilting and apparent nutrient deficiency symptoms on infected […]

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