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July 2024 First Friday with Florida First Detector

Morgan PinkertonJuly 8th, 2024Recap of July 2024 First Friday with Florida First Detector In July, we talked about invasive pests of pine. Florida has about 17 million acres of forestland with a significant portion covered in pine. The state also has a significant pine industry. Florida produces around 750 million board feet of pine annual used both within […]

The Boys Are Back in Town

Lara MilliganFebruary 8th, 2024If you are allergic to oak trees or pine trees, you’re about ready to cry, or perhaps you already are because your eyes are so watery you can’t see. I wrote about pollen in a previous blog, and can’t seem to stay away from the topic. Pollen is often evident on our cars this time […]

New Episode from Naturally Florida – “When You Think of Pines, I hope You Think of Pinecones”

Lara MilliganApril 17th, 2023We have all probably interacted with pinecones in some way, whether we collected them to start a bon fire, rolled them in peanut butter to create a bird feeder, or avoided them during pollen season. Pine trees produce pinecones, a unique seed with a fascinating science and ecological importance for Florida’s ecosystems.   This episode explores […]

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