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A New Database on Trait-Based Selection of Stormwater Pond Plants

FR416/FOR347 by Gisele P. Nighswander, Mary E. Szoka, Kayla M. Hess, Eban Z. Bean, Gail Hansen de Chapman, and Basil V. Iannone IIIJuly 19, 2019

Dissolved Oxygen for Fish Production

FA002/FA27 by Ruth Francis-FloydApril 7, 2021

Farm Ponds in Florida Irrigation Systems

AE143/BUL257 by G. A. Clark, C. D. Stanley, F. Z. Zazueta, and E. E. AlbregtsDecember 2, 2020

Fertilization of Fresh Water Fish Ponds

FA003/FA17 by Craig Watson and Charles E. CichraSeptember 13, 2019

Florida-Friendly Plants for Stormwater Pond Shorelines

EP476/ENH1215 by Gail Hansen and Shangchun HuMay 9, 2019

Managing Pestiferous Freshwater Aquatic Midge Emergences from Storm Water Retention Ponds

IN825/ENY-856 by Kenneth T. Gioeli, R. Leroy Creswell, Jeffrey P. Gellermann, Edward A. Skvarch, and Philip G. KoehlerMay 6, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered publication.

Selecting a Method for Sealing Ponds in Florida

WI012/CIR870 by Dorota Z. Haman, Fedro S. Zazueta, Gary A. Clark, Sandra Guzman, and Haimanote BayabilOctober 24, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet.

Stormwater Pond Management: What You Need to Know about Aeration

SS695/SL482 by Samantha T. Howley, Steven P. Hohman, and Alexander J. ReisingerSeptember 1, 2021A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet. in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: ==Water==

The Role of Aeration in Pond Management

FA021/FA6 by Michael McGee and Charles CichraJune 6, 2018

The Use of Lime in Fish Ponds

FA028/FA38 by Andy M. Lazur, Charles E. Cichra, and Craig WatsonSeptember 17, 2021A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet.

Use of Copper in Freshwater Aquaculture and Farm Ponds

FA008/FA-13 by Craig Watson and Roy P.E. YanongAugust 22, 2017

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Water Talk: Plants For Your Pond

Michael D'ImperioJune 26th, 2023Adding plants in and around a community stormwater pond is a great way to boost the ecosystem services provided by your water feature. Emergent plants in a pond’s littoral zone (the shallow shelf-like area between a pond’s bank and deep water) help improve water quality by aiding the pond’s ability to remove nutrients from incoming […]

What’s Lurking in Florida’s Freshwater?

Jackie LebouitzFebruary 24th, 2023In this blog… Introduction Macroinvertebrates Field guide Water quality Experiment   Introduction What’s lurking in Florida’s freshwater? Well, many things, to be quite frank. From fish to birds to the occasional river otter, people can expect to find several wonders in the freshwater ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers that Florida has to offer. Now, a […]

Resources for Hiring a Landscape and Pond Professional

Maggie GaughanDecember 6th, 2022It is no secret that it can be difficult hiring a landscape and/or pond professional that meets all of your community’s needs. Luckily, there is a website full of presentations and resources for hiring a landscape and pond professional. This site is intended to provide resources to maintenance professionals, pond committees, HOA members, realtors, or […]

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