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Stormwater Retention Ponds

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Lakeside Living for South Florida Residents

Michael D'ImperioMay 13th, 2024Stormwater ponds are ubiquitous across Sarasota County and Southwest Florida. These features, when managed appropriately, can add great aesthetic value to a community. When improperly managed, however, these features can become a common source of resident concern and complaints. A proper understanding of what these ponds are, and how they are intended to function, is […]

Leave The Leaves?

Lara MilliganJanuary 31st, 2024Leaves are incredibly fascinating if you spend time taking a closer look, or perhaps feel, or even a smell! Leaves are made up of multiple layers of plant cells. Plant cells contain chloroplasts. Chloroplasts contain chlorophylls. Chlorophylls are green pigments, and they absorb sunlight. Sunlight and chlorophyll are two key ingredients to make photosynthesis possible. […]

Water Talk: Improving the Water Quality In Your Pond

Michael D'ImperioSeptember 28th, 2023Stormwater ponds are often the centerpiece of a neighborhood. Residents may spend their mornings walking along the pond, frequent the water to watch their favorite wading birds, or even see the pond right from their back window. With so many eyes on the water, changes in conditions and water quality can be quickly noticed and […]