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Scale insects

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Don’t Do It! The Late Fall Duval Gardeners Dilemma.

Duval MGVOctober 24th, 2023Dilemma: To Prune or Not To Prune in November! Are you tempted to cut or pull spent plants that have gone to seed? Isn’t a neatly trimmed bed delightfully satisfying and aren’t you dying to clean it all up after the chaos of this mad, hot summer? Wait! If you can. Some are putting out […]

February First Friday with Florida First Detector

Morgan PinkertonFebruary 6th, 2023Recap of February First Friday with Florida First Detector In February, we talked about Invasive Scale Insects and covered identification of species commonly found in Florida and a few that were recently detected in Florida. Scale insects can be challenging to identify. Closely related species may require slide mounting for proper identification. When in doubt, submit […]

Snout scale: a potential new pest for Florida citrus

Heather KalamanNovember 13th, 2020The snout scale (Fiorinia proboscidaria) has been reported as a potential new pest for commercial citrus crops in Florida. First detected in Hillsborough County in 2013, it has since been found on residential citrus in five other counties. Although the snout scale is currently present in 20 countries worldwide, Florida is the only state in […]

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