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Sewage Treatment and Septic Systems

Sewage treatment is a type of wastewater treatment which aims to remove contaminants from sewage to produce an effluent that is suitable for discharge to the surrounding environment or an intended reuse application, thereby preventing water pollution from raw sewage discharges.



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Private Well and Septic System Care Workshop in Marion County

YilinFebruary 6th, 2024Join Us for a Workshop on Private Drinking Well Maintenance, Well Water Quality, and Septic System Care in Marion County! Are you concerned about the safety of your drinking water and the health of your septic system? Your worries end here! We are excited to invite you to a FREE workshop that will equip you […]

New UF/IFAS publication: Managing impacts of flooding, groundwater rise on septic systems

Mike LoizzoJanuary 16th, 2024The Florida Department of Environmental Protection estimates the state has more than 2 million septic systems. If an owner does not properly maintain one, it poses an environmental threat to the state’s drinking water. Besides regular maintenance, managing the impacts of flooding and groundwater rise are two more issues owners must address. A new UF/IFAS […]

Reducing Health Advisories in Our Coastal Waters; Part 3 How Sewage Treatment Works

Rick O'ConnorMarch 2nd, 2023Part of the 2019 UF IFAS social media survey across Florida found that many Floridians understood how septic systems worked, but fewer understood how sewer systems functioned.  This article is going to try and tell you the basics of how sewage treatment works.   As we just mentioned, many people have no idea where their […]

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