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The ability of socio-ecological processes and activities to produce long-term environmental, social, technical, financial and cultural benefits.

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Sustainable Living

Sustainable living means understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter.


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Driving Sustainability Through Community Outreach

Alia GarrettNovember 27th, 2023Through community outreach and education efforts, Sarasota County Sustainability promotes a healthy environment, community engagement and environmental awareness. However, we can’t achieve a healthy and sustainable county without your help. Individuals and groups can participate in a variety of events and programs. Annual Sustainable Communities Workshop Every year since 2005 Sarasota County Sustainability has hosted […]

Stories of Gratitude for the World of Wildlife: Turkey Vultures

Zahir Ringgold CordesNovember 1st, 2023In both temperate and tropical climates in the Western hemisphere of the world, fall marks a time of transition. Rainy season to dry season, or summer through winter, the natural world around us changes. As oak trees grow heavy with their acorn crops, the wildlife that depend upon them to get through the next season […]

The Impact of Food Waste and Strategies to Reduce It

Alicia BetancourtOctober 26th, 2023Food waste is a significant global issue with far-reaching economic, environmental, and social consequences. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted each year. This represents a considerable loss of resources and contributes to various sustainability challenges, including hunger, greenhouse […]

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