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Suwannee River Valley Region


An Overview of Lettuce Production Systems and Cultivars Used in Hydroponics and Protected Culture in Florida

HS1258/HS1258 by Natalie B. Parkell, Robert C. Hochmuth, and Wanda L. LaughlinJune 25, 2018

Stewardship Ecosystem Services Study Series: Assessing Forest Water Yield and Regulation Ecosystem Services in the Lower Suwannee River Watershed, Florida

FR385/FOR317 by Sonia Delphin, Francisco J. Escobedo, Amr Abd-Elrahman, Alison E. Adams, Jackie Martin, Ronald CademusJanuary 18, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet. in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: ==Water==

Wildland-Urban Interface Case Study: Land Conservation along the Suwannee River

FR294/FR232 by Lauren McDonell and Martha C. MonroeAugust 21, 2023A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet.

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