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Sensory lab helps UF/IFAS breeders know which fruits, veggies taste, smell best

Melinda SouersOctober 29th, 2020Not long ago, about 200 consumer panelists went to the University of Florida Sensory Testing Lab to taste a new blueberry developed by UF/IFAS scientists. Turns out, they liked the flavor of the ‘Sentinel’ blueberry, said its breeder, Patricio Muñoz. The Sensory Testing Lab sits rather inconspicuously in the middle of campus. Few people come […]

How to Take a Hay Sample

Tim WilsonJune 1st, 2018Introduction You can gain valuable information from a simple hay test that can help you balance the nutrition on your livestock. Hay is not just filler without value. By taking a hay sample and having it tested you can learn the crude protein, TDN, nitrate level as well as ADF and NDF depending on the […]

Hops Testing Alternatives After Alpha Analytics Discontinues Services

Matt SmithFebruary 5th, 2018This morning, Yakima Chief – Hopunion announced that Alpha Analytics, a popular hop testing company, will no longer be accepting samples from outside producers. This is a setback to the burgeoning Florida hops industry and the brewers who collaborate with them. Brewers spend a great deal of time formulating recipes that balance the sweet flavor […]

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