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The Tospovirus (family Bunyaviridae) genus of viruses causes diseases of significant economic impact in many crops worldwide. Tospoviruses have the ability to swap whole segments of their genome with other members of the genus, creating new virus isolates with different vectors and modified host ranges, both of which can result in new diseases. Presently, there are eight recognized species belonging to this genus, of which five have been previously reported in the United States (i.e., TCSV, TSWV, GRSV, INSV, and Iris yellow spot virus [IYSV]). Of these, all but IYSV have been previously reported in the state of Florida. More information about tospoviruses can be found in Tospoviruses (Family Bunyaviridae, Genus Tospovirus) ( -- from PP306, Tomato Chlorotic Spot Virus

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