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The Pecan Truffle (Tuber lyonii): A Gourmet Truffle Native to the Southeastern US

PP330/PP330 by Arthur C. Grupe II, Timothy Brenneman, Gregory Bonito, and Matthew E. SmithSeptember 26, 2019

Truffles—Tuber spp.

MV147/HS680 by James M. StephensNovember 6, 2018

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Some black truffles grown in eastern U.S. may be less valuable lookalike species, study finds

Samantha MurrayJune 21st, 2023Some truffle producers in the eastern U.S. intending to grow European black truffles –scientific name, Tuber melanosporum — are also accidentally cultivating winter truffles — Tuber brumale — a related species that looks nearly identical but sells at a lower price, according to a new study from truffle researchers at the University of Florida and […]

UF scientists discover two new truffle species

Samantha MurrayAugust 30th, 2022Scientists at the University of Florida have described two new species of truffles from North America. One species was found in Iowa, the other in Florida. There are hundreds of species of fungi that form truffles, each of which have important ecological roles. Only a few truffle species are used for human consumption. There are […]

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