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Urban Horticulture

The science and art of promoting the successful growth and development of ornamental plants, turf, vegetables and fruit in the urban environment.

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Working with Water Connects Us All-the Water Ambassador Program.

Lorna BravoJanuary 28th, 2023Article by UF/IFAS Extension Broward County Urban Horticulture Agent Lorna Bravo To make a difference concerning the issues surrounding water quality and quantity in our urban landscapes, we must understand how we interact and connect with water in urban environments. Florida’s Challenges The United Nations world urbanization prospects revision estimated that by 2050, 6.5 billion people […]

Right Plant, Right Pot

Calvin GardnerDecember 6th, 2022We have officially reached the season of cooler weather (well, cooler weather for Florida, that is).  It also means there’s cooler things to plant, and we begin to see some of our favorite northern vegetables migrate down to Florida for the holidays. If you want to grow vegetables and harvest your own food, but don’t […]

Crop Rotation Sensation

Calvin GardnerOctober 10th, 2022As the fall season begins in Florida, the shortening days and cooler temperatures spur many vegetable gardeners into action. Fall is a great season to begin gardening, because the cooler temperatures and less intense rain set the perfect stage for many classic garden vegetables to grow. Whether you’ve been gardening for years, or this is […]

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