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Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera)

Air potato is an invasive plant species in Florida that should be removed from public and private properties to help protect the state's natural areas. It can quickly engulf native vegetation in natural areas, climbing high into mature tree canopies. It produces large numbers of bulbils (aerial tubers), which facilitate its spread and make it extremely difficult to eliminate because new plants sprout from even very small bulbils. It invades a variety of habitats including pinelands and hammocks of natural areas.


Biochar Effects on Weed Management

AG390/SS-AGR-386by Neeta Soni, Jason A. Ferrell, Pratap Devkota, and Michael J. MulvaneyJune 30th, 2021This publication provides an overview of the impact of biochar use as a soil amendment on weed management. Written by Neeta Soni, Jason A. Ferrell, Pratap Devkota, and Michael J. Mulvaney, and published by the UF/IFAS Agronomy Department, revised May 2021.

Weed Management in Fence Rows

WG210/SS-AGR-110by Brent Sellers and Jason FerrellMay 31st, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Management.

Weeds as Reservoirs of Plant Pathogens Affecting Economically Important Crops

HS1335/HS1335 by Morgan Byron, Danielle Treadwell, and Peter DittmarFebruary 21st, 2023A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet for Commercial audience(s). in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: Integrated Pest Management

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Weed of the Month: Woodsorrel

Robert AnnisOctober 27th, 2023Woodsorrel or oxalis is a cool season annual perennial native to North America. In warmer areas like Florida, it is a perennial and can be found throughout the state. If you spot it in your yard, you might think it to be clover. Closer inspection will reveal three heart shaped leaves, which is a key […]

Successful Tips for Managing Your Pastures

Lizzie WhiteheadOctober 3rd, 2023There are many ways to help manage your pastures, one of them being weed management. Weed management involves scouting for weeds in your pastures frequently, being aware of ways to prevent seed contamination, and different ways to control weeds.  Here are the steps for better weed control and management. Scouting for Weeds Scout for weeds […]

Weed of the Month: Dollarweed

Robert AnnisSeptember 23rd, 2023Dollarweed is a very common perennial weed that also goes by the name pennywort.  As the name implies, it it about the size of a silver dollar. It also looks just like a mini lily pad – which is appropriate considering how much it likes water.  For dollarweed, it’s easy being green and it can […]

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