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Beyond the Fence: Discovering the Secrets of ‘The Garden Next Door’

Rolando NegronApril 2nd, 2024On a warm summer afternoon, three curious children find themselves drawn to the vibrant life buzzing in their neighbor’s garden. Birds chirp, bees hum, and butterflies dance, creating a symphony of colors and sounds just beyond their fence. Yet, their own yard sits quiet and still, devoid of the wonderful creatures that grace their neighbor’s […]

Butterfly Gardens, Meadows & Wild Flowers; October is Native Plant Month

Duval MGVOctober 20th, 2023People usually ask about planting a butterfly or pollinator garden in the spring, just before our weather turns hot and dry. October, though, is the best month for starting wildflower seeds, therefore it has been selected as Native Plant Month. When Seeds Set If you observe wildflowers, most have set seeds by August and September. […]

Success story: Native Plant Garden at Lettuce Lake Park Provides for Wildlife

Tia SilvasyJuly 5th, 2023We did it! Thank you to the Florida Master Gardener Program Volunteers, Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society and Hillsborough County Park staff who came out on June 28th to plant 60 native plants of 20 different species. Our native plant garden enhancement was funded by the Viva Florida grant by the Florida […]

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