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Leading Teams series

The intended audience of this publication and series is anyone who works in or leads teams, within or served by UF/IFAS Extension. 

Editorial Team


Leading Teams #1: Introduction

WC431/AEC770by Laura L. Greenhaw, Sarah A. Bush, and Carrie N. BakerJune 8, 2023This is the first publication on a series on leading teams. This introduction describes why teamwork is necessary, the challenges and benefits, and the difference between groups and teams. We briefly describe group development models that will be described through the remaining publications in the series.


Leading Teams #2: Stages of Group Development

WC433/AEC772by Annie Ferguson Muscato, Sarah A. Bush, Laura L. Greenhaw, & Carrie N. BakerAugust 23, 2023Most organizations rely on strong, effective groups and teams to operate. Many theories and models related to teams and team development exist. However, Tuckman and Jensen’s (1977) model of group development is still the most used (Fritz et al., 2005). In this article, we outline the five stages of small-group development (Tuckman & Jensen, 1977). Team members and leaders can use this model to improve their effectiveness (Burns, 1995). In the Leading Teams series, we discuss each stage in depth and provide actions leaders can use to guide their teams through each stage.