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Agricultural Education and Communication

"The UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) develops leaders, educators and communicators to meet the challenges society is facing in the agriculture and natural resource industries." --- About AEC

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Smartphone Photography to Communicate Science

WC441/AEC780by Lisa K. LundyNovember 2nd, 2023This article discusses the important role that photographs play in science communication. Tips are given for enhancing photography using smartphones.Critical Issue: Families and Communities

Streaming Science #5: Using Virtual Reality Tours for Engagement With Your Target Audience

WC440/AEC779by Jamie Loizzo, Gabriel Spandau, Caroline Barnett, Alice Akers, Alexis Bolger, and Courtney MeyersOctober 18th, 2023This is the fifth of seven publications in the Streaming Science EDIS series about using mobile instructional and communication technologies (ICTs) for outreach and engagement with your target audiences. This publication is intended as a guide for communication and education professionals to use various virtual reality (VR) hardware and software to create immersive online content about agricultural and natural resources spaces and places to communicate, teach, and engage with scientific content.Critical Issue: Families and Communities

Cómo solicitar una evaluación fiscal agrícola Greenbelt

FY1527/FCS3358-Spanby Raychel Thomas, Jana Caracciolo, Catherine Campbell, John Diaz, y Valeria Caicedo ZapataSeptember 8th, 2023Esta publicación de EDIS está diseñada para proporcionar un resumen preciso y actual de la Ley Greenbelt de Florida. Esta publicación se distribuye con el entendimiento de que los autores no se dedican a prestar asesoramiento legal u otro asesoramiento profesional, y la información contenida en este documento no debe considerarse como un sustituto del asesoramiento profesional. Este documento es el FCS3358-Span, uno de una serie del Departmento de Familia, Juventud y Ciencias Comunitarias, UF/IFAS Extensión. Publicación original de agosto del 2023.Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Leading Teams #2: Stages of Group Development

WC433/AEC772by Annie Ferguson Muscato, Sarah A. Bush, Laura L. Greenhaw, & Carrie N. BakerAugust 23rd, 2023Most organizations rely on strong, effective groups and teams to operate. Many theories and models related to teams and team development exist. However, Tuckman and Jensen’s (1977) model of group development is still the most used (Fritz et al., 2005). In this article, we outline the five stages of small-group development (Tuckman & Jensen, 1977). Team members and leaders can use this model to improve their effectiveness (Burns, 1995). In the Leading Teams series, we discuss each stage in depth and provide actions leaders can use to guide their teams through each stage.Critical Issue: Other

Conducting the Needs Assessment #6: Phase 2—Assessment

WC435/AEC774by Matt Benge and Savanna TurnerAugust 3rd, 2023This is the sixth publication in the Conducting the Needs Assessment series. The assessment phase puts the management plan from the pre-assessment into action to determine the needs of your community. The assessment phase compares the “what is” of the issues to the vision of the “what should be” to understand the magnitude of the needs and their causes (Witkin & Altschuld, 1995).Critical Issue: Families and Communities