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Economic Contributions of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Industries in Florida series

Agriculture, natural resources, and food industries remain a significant force in the economy of Florida, and it is important to recognize the economic contributions of these industries to ensure informed public policy. The economic contributions of these industries are evaluated for each calendar year to update previous reports and provide current information on economic trends.

Economic Contributions of the Agriculture, Natural Resource, and Food Industries in Florida, 2019

FE1136/FE1136by Christa D. Court, João Pedro Ferreira, Robert Botta, and Kelsey McDaidJuly 13, 2023This publication provides a summary of the economic contributions of the agriculture, natural resource, and food industries in the state of Florida in calendar year 2019. Additional details on the data sources, methodologies, and results are published in an annual report from the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Economic Impact Analysis Program. This information is intended to be used in support of informed decision making related to these industries.