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Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface series

UF/IFAS is a collaborating member of the Southern Fire Exchange. which strives to improve access to and usefulness of southern fire science information. SFE Publication and Fact Sheets cover the following topics: Fire Ecology and Effects, Fire Science Information, Programs and Resources, Prescribed Fire, Public Education, Smoke Management, Air Quality and Weather, and Wildfire.

Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Preparing a Firewise Plant List for WUI Residents

FR151/CIR 1453 by Anna L. Behm, Alan J. Long, Martha C. Monroe, Cotton K. Randall, Wayne C. Zipperer, and L. Annie Hermansen-BaezDecember 5, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet.

Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Selecting Firewise Shrubs to Reduce Wildfire Risk

FR334/FOR272 by Annie Hermansen-Báez, Raelene M. Crandall, Wayne C. Zipperer, Alan J. Long, Anna L. Behm, Dawn McKinstry, and Anne AndreuAugust 25, 2023Properties in the wildland-urban interface frequently use shrubs in landscaping. Although shrubs are attractive, some types can be risky to plant near structures in fire-prone areas. Property owners in such areas should consult existing guides for shrubs that do not burn easily and should routinely maintain shrubs and other vegetation within the defensible space around houses and other structures.

Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Selecting and Maintaining Firewise Plants for Landscaping

FR147/Circular 1445by J. Douglas Doran, Jennifer M. Fill, Raelene M. Crandall, Cotton K. Randall, and Alan J. LongOctober 31, 2023For homeowners who live in an area with a medium to high risk of wildfire, creating an area of defensible space is crucial for protecting houses and other structures. The movement of a wildfire is controlled primarily by the flammability of the plants present and how those plants are arranged, both vertically and horizontally. This publication details how the structure and composition of the vegetation, from leaf to the whole plant, affect the likelihood that a fire will ignite and spread. It also describes how plants' horizontal and vertical arrangement can affect wildfire ignition and spread near homes, concluding with recommendations for firewise landscaping.

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